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We build our websites with passion and with accordance to the latest standards

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced web developer for your next project look no further, it is our passion, our profession and… we love building websites.

We will be happy to help you with all aspects of setting up a new website, online shop, eBay shop, product catalogue or any other type of e-commerce. We also can re-design your current website and bring it in line with today’s standards, make it more attractive and SEO friendly.

Our designs reflect the nature of your business or brand, while during the development we take into account factors that affect the website efficiency, speed, and reliability as well as cross browser and cross device compatibility. We always make sure that the websites we build can be correctly indexed by the search engines so you can start your Google campaign right when the web site is lunched.

So if you need professional online presence, contact us for free quote.

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Responsive web site design

Responsive websites design

Enhance user experience, make your website flexible

Responsive websites adopt to a various screen sizes such as smartphones, tablets and pc monitors/laptops

Forget dull static websites with fixed layout which you had to zoom in on your mobile or tablet to be able to read content, soon these sort of websites will be a thing of the past.

Now what we call the responsive web design is a buzz keyword, and it is basically a way of coding the website layout so it adopts itself dependably of the screen size so it could be viewed more easily on small screens, open this website on your smartphone and see the difference for yourself.

We offer responsive web site design and development services for standard websites, online shops and e-commerce, please tell us if you would like your website to be responsive while making an inquiry and we will be happy to help.

Web sites build with SEO in mind

Responsive Design

Every web page we build is prepared for SEO campaigns

On-site SEO is an important factor if we want our web site to be properly indexed by the search engines such as Google

Being indexed by the search engines is equally important as having the website, that’s why all our products are created with the SEO in mind. We not only make sure that the website is indexed by the most popular search engines by adding your site to them manually, but also we check all the factors which might have future impact on your SEO campaigns.

While we building your web site, we make sure that yours most important keywords are included across the site, we test the code quality, speed optimization, server security, we check if the web address is SEO friendly and many others.

Finally we will provide you with tools to check your web site statistics so you can track your SEO campaign success.

Online shops, eBay shops and e-commerce services

eBay online shop front design London

If you are thinking about the ways of improving your online sales, read about our offer

Would you like to set up a new online store, or brand you current eBay shop, or just make some improvements in your current online sore design, we can help with all of that, read more about our online shops and eBay stores design and development services.

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